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Behavior & Training

Dog Latin Dog Training

Dog Latin Dog Training – Dog Latin Dog Training is about a common language of mutual understanding. Dogs respond to a handheld clicker device, verbal and/or hand signals, treats and praise, accelerating the learning process and building lasting recall.

Working with Dog Latin Dog Training, you’ll engage your dog, strengthening the trust you share. It’s really about working as a team and learning to speak the same language.

Private Tutoring
Training Walks
Problem Solving 
Puppy Classes


Contact Beth Mullen or Juliana Willems

Humane Rescue Alliance Classes

A well-behaved dog makes for a happy family, which is why we offer plenty of easy, enjoyable, and effective training classes as well as one-on-one private training sessions. To ensure our excellent services are convenient with diverse schedules, we hold classes on evenings and weekends and offer counseling at a variety of hours.

Puppy Kindergarten & Playtime
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Manners
Reactive Dog I & II
Junior Handler Classes (Kids 8 - 13)
Dog Sports; Games & Agility
Family Matters


The Humane Resue Alliance offers dog training at very competitive rates. Our qualified and experienced staff can help guide you and your pet through the common behavior problems and challenges that may face new pet owners. 

One-on-One Dog training

Fully individualized training and behavior counseling in your home. Training and counseling for adult dogs, puppies, rescue dogs special situations like aggression issues.

Fearfulness, anxiety, housetraining, aggression, barking, acting out on the leash,interactions with kids, other dogs, other animals--almost any problem can be modified and improved with motivation based training.


Laura Costas  (301) 650-2326


Politically Correct In Home Cat & Dog Training

Politically Correct  In Home Cat & Dog Training – PawLitically Correct offers in home dog and cat behavior modification and training in the Washington DC metro area.  We are committed to improving the human-animal bond through positive reinforcement training. 

Cat Services include: litter box issues, destructive behaviors, cat-cat introductions, cat-dog introductions, aggression, fea, anxiety/stress and kitten socialization.

Dog services include: resource guarding, life skills, manners, crate and/or house training, dog-cat introduction, reactivity, aggression, fear, puppy socializations

Pawlitically Correct offers in home sessions and remote sessions via Skype, email or telephone. 

Peaceable Paws - Pat Miller

Peaceable Paws' mission is to foster harmony between the human and non-human animals of our world through dog training and animal behavior consultation services and seminars; consulting services for animal protection organizations; and writings that support and promote a philosophy of respect for life.

Our training methods incorporate a strong commitment to positive reinforcement and reward in place of old-fashioned coercion and use of force. To sign up for an upcoming class, print, fill out and mail in the registration form on the class schedule page along with your check, or call for more information on classes, workshops and seminars, lectures, play groups, or pet behavior consultation and modification services.

Urban Canine

Urban Canine promotes positive, reward-based training that enhances the bond between you and your pet and provides you with the tools to build a more joyful and satisfying relationship.

This clear emphasis on positive reinforcement gives dogs the freedom and confidence to think, learn, and experiment throughout the training process. The dog's natural capabilities are encouraged and rewarded rather than being suppressed through the threat of punishment or harsh corrections.

From your dog's perspective they can solely concentrate on the challenge of learning and trying new things rather than worrying about the consequences of doing something wrong.

Woodside TTouch

Tellington Touch is a method of working with animal companions to promote optimal behavior, health and performance. The Tellington Method utilizes a variety of techniques of touch, movement and body language to affect behavior, performance, and health, and to increase an animal’s willingness and ability to learn in a painless and anxiety-free environment.

Fear and Shyness • Excitability • Car Sickness • Leash Pulling • Jumping Up • Chewing
• Excessive Barking • Separation Anxiety • Aggressive Behaviors • Recovery From Injury or Illness • Arthritis, Aging and Stiffness • Resistance to Grooming • Litter Box Problems • Spraying • Tension, Stress and Nervousness • Scratching • Adjusting to Changes in the Household • And more

Your Dog's Friend

You can turn to Your Dog’s Friend when you have questions or concerns about your dog – whether newly adopted, a puppy, or a long-time companion. We are here to advise you and to recommend resources and referrals.

Our workshops and classes will help you understand how to both prevent problems from developing and work with behavior issues that already exist. Our trainers and speakers use and promote positive methods as an effective, safe, and fun alternative to compulsion methods.

Individual & In-Home Dog Training

  • Clicker Savvy Canines
  • Dogs Got Class Dog Training
  • Dog Training by Sonja
  • University K9
  • Four Positive Paws
  • Paws for Health
  • Pork Chop's Way
  • Phi Beta K-9 School for Dogs
  • Takoma Dog Repair

Clicker Savvy Canines – CSC provides positive in-home training for people and their pets. We specialize in helping families teach their pets the basic skills and manners for living a happy and healthy life together.  CSC also provides behavior modification for dogs with specific behavioral needs. (301) 775-8428

Are your dog’s nuisance behaviors stressing you out? Is your dog jumping on guests, leash-pulling you down the street, rushing through open doors, not returning when you call, or simply not listening?

Let’s end the stress and frustration you feel about your dog’s unwanted behavior. Together we will breathe life into the joy of your dog’s good dog behavior. Feel peace and calm while caring for, and walking, your family dog.

Is a young puppy your new family member? Let us help you preempt adolescent and adult dog behavior issues from the start.

Let’s get started! (617) 838-0693

Dog Training by Sonja Making Good Dogs Even Better! Sonja Heritage, Master Dog Trainer serving Bowie, Crofton & the Surrounding Areas. (301) 655-7643

University K9 ~ Niecy Davila is an expert in Behavior Modification, Aggression, Off Leash Control, Nuisance Barking, On Leash Control, Obedience Training, and Much More! Niecy Davila uses a combination of multiple training methods that include but are not limited to Leash Training, Positive Reinforcement Training, Remote Training (Gentle Touch), Low Pressure Training, and more. (202) 215-5470

Four Positive Paws – Gentle, humane training for dogs and their people. Private and group classes offered plus dog walking services available. “Good training is more than just teaching behaviors. It is about establishing a lasting, trusting and rewarding relationship between people and their dogs.” (301) 580-0988

Pawz for Health Owning a dog or puppy can be frustrating especially when  dealing with behaviors such as; chewing, jumping, housebreaking, leash walking, barking, aggression and more. We are here to help! Our dog and puppy training is simple yet effective with immediate results.  Services offered in Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Olney, Chevy Chase and surrounding Maryland areas. ~ Janet Oquendo, In-Home Positive Reinforcement Training & Classes (410) 299-1013

Pork Chop’s Way ~ Elly Rivera, Professional Dog Training, Boarding, Doggie Daycare and Exercise (301) 996-4761

Phi Beta K-9 School for Dogs ~ Penelope Brown, CPDT (APDT) Private in-home training in D.C., parts of MD (Silver Spring, Takoma Park , some of Bethesda), and parts of VA Positive reinforcement dog training; behavior modification; reactive dogs, some aggression. 202-986-1147

Private dog training sessions using positive, effective, easy and fun methods. Contact Jeff at 301-346-8422

Group Dog Training

  • Capital Dog Training Club
  • Four Positive Paws
  • PUPS Obedience Training
  • Rewards Dog Training

Capital Dog Training Club ~ Agility Classes from Introductory to Competition. Obedience classes also available – please contact Anne Laurent (301) 585-7892 or Shirley Harry (301) 270-1890 for more information.

Four Positive Paws – Gentle, humane training for dogs and their people. Private and group classes offered plus dog walking services available. “Good training is more than just teaching behaviors. It is about establishing a lasting, trusting and rewarding relationship between people and their dogs.” (301) 580-0988

PUPS Obedience Training ~ Karen Decker, trainer – P.U.P.S Dog Obedience Training is a progressive nine-week group training course which accomplishes behavior modification through the use of specialized obedience.

Rewards Dog Training ~ Providing in-home training, behavior consultations, and classes for dogs and puppies of all ages.  Serving Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Washington, DC, Kensington, Wheaton, Rockville, Hyattsville, Mt. Rainier, College Park, Riverdale, University Park, Greenbelt. Other areas on request. Joyce Loebig 240.462.8045