COVID-19 Updates

We are happy to announce NEW Phase 2 hours when we will welcome our customers back into the store. Please note the following schedule if you want to shop in-store: Sunday 12 - 6pm;  Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm. We understand many of you may not be ready to come in and we will continue to offer  curbside pickup and local delivery 7 days a week.  We are adhering to the DC Government and CDC guidelines for all customers and staff.

We also have many of the items in stock or available within a few days that you may be ordering via auto-ship from the on-line retailers and would be happy to have you support a small, indie business. 

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At The Big Bad Woof, we would never have been able to thrive as a business without partners who have helped us with our business needs throughout the years. Every small business has to have both for-profit and non-profit groups that help assist, guide and cajole them through the ups and downs of running a small business. For this we have to give a big shout out to the following small businesses and people who help us in the day to day……..

Bryan Short, Esq. (Montgomery Fazzone) –  Bryan helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals by focusing on their broader business’ needs including their legal representation. Bryan brings practical, efficient, cost-effective solutions in the areas of real estate, venture capital, hospitality and latino interests.

The Capital Group – The Capital Group is our business partner for cost-effective business and personal financial solutions designed to put money back where it belongs – in our pocket. We have worked with The Capital Group, and they have leveraged their more than 20 years of industry expertise along with simple, powerful technology solutions that have saved us money and safeguarded our business. From insurance to HR to financial planning, they are our ‘go to’ company.

The Dance Exchange - Collaborators make strange bedfellows and this is one of our more fun and adventurous partners. This is one of the events we are working on together, with other explorations of the human-dog bond to follow.

Digital Doggy Photography – Despite her focus on animals, Pam’Townsends subjects include more than dogs and cats. With the eye of an artist, she preserves images of beauty–from detailed close-ups to sweeping vistas–from the world around her.

Ken Wyner Photography – Capturing Design……One Moment at a Time. Ken has provided stunning photographic work for us over our 12 year history, and chronicled our different spaces as we have contracted and expanded our business. Exceptional architectural and business photography, as you can see in may of the photos of our interior and exterior store. Kudos!

Kittner Design – Big ideas have room to grow in a place like that. Anything is possible. With this vision, Kittner Design was started. And, although we’ve seen many changes here at Kittner, we’ve turned those random dreams into a working studio which is in its 14th year of operation. Our ad campaigns and visionary images have been realized through this partnership.

Melissa McDaniel Photography – Dog photography and a series of dog photo books on rescued dogs. Melissa started The Photo Book Projects in 2009 to bring attention to misunderstood and mistreated dogs. She is a guest photographer at The Woof periodically and accolades for her wonderful photos, many of which you can see in our media.

Old Takoma Business Association – The Old Takoma Business Association’s mission is to bring together businesses, residents and community organizations to build and sustain a vibrant commercial district and preserve the neighborhood’s rich history. The OTBA works on issues essential to independently-owned, local businesses and to a thriving community.

Think Local First DC – Think Local First DC works with independent businesses, consumers and policymakers to grow a sustainable local economy in Washington DC. This is accomplished via educating consumers about the economic, social and environmental benefits of supporting locally owned businesses; increasing the amount of goods purchased from local, independent businesses; and  connecting local businesses to one another and facilitate communication and collaboration between them.

Travis Price Architects –  is an award-winning architecture firm widely applauded for its innovative discoveries, theories and visionary aesthetics. Based in Washington, DC, Travis Price Architects shapes architecture informed by ecology, mythology and technology; restoring the spirit of place to modern design. They set the tone and design aesthetic for our spaces and that sense informed the space we inhabit today in Takoma DC.