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Zen Clipper Stainless Steel  Size 1 - 7

Zen Clipper Stainless Steel Size 1 - 7

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Zen Clipper Stainless Steel Size 1 - 7

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Zen Clipper Stainless Steel 

Zen Clipper a revolutionary new pet nail clipper that is designed to clip just the tip of the nail.

Zen Clipper has a patent-pending conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet's nail into the cutting area, it's like putting the tip of the nail into a small funnel. You clip just the tip and avoid the quick.

Originally invented for cats, Zen Clipper can be used on birds and reptiles (Small Zen Clipper), cats and dogs.

A tip for using the larger sizes is to hold the Zen Clipper by wrapping your fingers and palm around the handle, instead of using the finger holes in the handle. This allows you to use the full strength of your hand to close the handles together when cutting the nail. 

Zen Clipper Size #1 - 1.5mm hole. This size is for smaller birds, smaller reptiles and kittens. It will cut off the tip of a sharpened pencil. 

Zen Clipper Size #2 - 2mm hole. The medium is for most adult cats. 

Zen Clipper Size #3 2.5mm hole. This is for larger cats, larger birds and very small dogs. 

Zen Clipper Size #4 3mm hole. For small dogs. 

Zen Clipper Size #5 3.5mm hole.  For small dogs. 

Zen Clipper Size #6 4mm hole. For small dogs. 

Zen Clipper Size #7 5mm hole. For medium to larger dogs. 


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Country of Manufacture United States
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