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Horizon Complete Dry Dog Food

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Horizon Complete Dry Dog Food

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Horizen Complete Dog Food

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Price From: $18.99


Horizen Complete Dry Dog Food

From farm to family - Horizen's premium meats and naked grains provide superior nutrition for your pet.

Horizon Complete offers the very best value for quality combination available anywhere. Their only grain-based formula, Complete has an animal inclusion rate of 71%, is GMO, chemical preservative and growth hormone free, and has an extremely low GI which helps to regulate blood sugar, aids in disease prevention and assists in weight reduction.

They use pure, real, whole grains to give pets optimal nutrition from their food. We choose quality, whole grains such as barley, rye and oats - no corn, potatoes or tapioca. Each ingredient used is chosen with care and purpose, is sourced locally, and quality is controlled from the farms they partner with straight to your family.

The "Whole Grain" Definition

Whole grains or foods made from them contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. If the grain has been processed (e.g., cracked, crushed, rolled, extruded, and/or cooked), the food product should deliver approximately the same rich balance of nutrients that are found in the original grain seed. This definition means that 100% of the original kernel (all of the bran, germ, and endosperm) must be present to qualify as a whole grain.

Whole Grain vs. Refined Grain....What's the Difference

Whole grain contains all 3 parts of the kernel – bran, germ, endosperm. Refined grains separate out the bran and germ (these are nutrient, protein and fiber rich) - all that remains is the endosperm which is mostly carbohydrate with significantly less nutrition.

Whole grains have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential fatty acids and phytochemicals (anti-oxidants) than a refined grain. Moreover, whole grains have some valuable antioxidants not found in fruits and vegetables, as well as B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and fiber. When you refine a grain, at least 17 key nutrients are lost, as well as around 25% of it’s protein.

How will Whole Grains impact my pet?

Whole grains have many health benefits over the refined versions:
• 30-36% reduced risk of stroke
• 21-30% reduced risk for type 2 diabetes
• 25-28% reduced risk of heart disease
• Reduced risk of asthma and inflammatory disease
• Better weight management and GI Health (higher in fiber)

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