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From the Field Catnip Blends

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From the Field Catnip Blends

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From the Field Catnip Blends

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From the Field Catnip Blends

From the Field catnip is grown in USA, in the best outdoor conditions: high elevation, good drainage, warm and a dry climate. They harvest their catnip with care. They only provide the industries with catnip that is no more than one year from harvest, while striving to maintain the best harvesting condition that are in harmony with nature.

  1. Catnip buds: The most potent form of catnip. It is the top of the catnip plant, the bud itself
  2. Catnip leaf and flower: A very potent mixture of leaves and flowers of the plant.Look for the little flowers (bell shaped) in the mix! The more bells, the more potent the catnip!
  3. Catnip Stalkless: Kitty safe format, it is a grinded mixture of leaves and flowers only, virtually no stalk material.
  4. Catnip Pellet: This no mess format is a composition of compressed catnip. This format is grown and made in Canada.
  5. Catnip Buds Shake: When the catnip buds are hand processed, this is the shake that is left. It is very potent.
  6. Catnip essential oil: Extracted from pure potent catnip buds. This highly concentrated catnip oil contain up to 96% of nepetalactone (The harmless chemical that entices the cat’s reaction to catnip).

From the Field also has Silver Vine (Actinidia polygama) a non-toxic plant that grows mostly in the high mountains of Asia. It is a vine that is in the Kiwi Family. It is also known as “Matatabi”.


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Country of Manufacture United States
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