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BugZone Non-Toxic Insect Repellant Tags

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BugZone Non-Toxic Insect Repellant Tags

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Bug Zone has animal, pet and people products available. They are pest specific (for example, tick tags won’t keep away fleas) as well as species specific (for example, dog tags would not work for cats).

Each tag is for all weights and sizes and is safe for pregnant or lactating animals. The tags will start working in a few days but may take longer depending on the health of the individual. Pet and animal tags must be worn at all times to maintain effectiveness. 

The two tags in each pet and animal package attach to the collar or harness with a ring that is included in the package. They work best when the magnetic strips face the pet/animal most of the time.

The important things to remember when attaching the tags are:

- make sure the magnetic strips are fully exposed and are protected from being scratched prematurely
- the tags are not in a position to get bent This will allow for the maximum life expectancy of the tag.

There are a variety of ways to attach the tags to your animal. For the dogs and cats, the best thing to do is cut one of the tags on the dotted line so that both magnetic strips are exposed (they have 2 holes for this purpose). If you cut the pet tag on the dotted line, throw away the upper portion with the silver sticker and hang the portion with the magnetic strip toward the pet. Place the shorter one under the longer one and attach to the pet's collar. This also stabilizes the tags to help keep the magnetic strips facing the correct way.

Scratches on the magnetic strips will wear the tags prematurely and they will stop working. For active pets that would have trouble keeping the tags from being scratched and bent, the tags can be attached inside the collar with duct tape. Make sure the magnetic strips are completely exposed and not covered by the tape.

If you have a small dog, cut them both small and place one on top of the other. We would recommend that you place the biggest problem insect tag closest to the animal. Horse tags can be braided into the mane or very top of the tail with the bands provided in their package. Another way is to anchor the tag by putting another hole on the opposite end. You can then use an alligator clip, twist tie, cable tie, or beaded security tie to attach them to the bridle or, braid the tag into the mane with both holes. Just be sure that you are placing the hole away from the magnetic strip. If you are using two tags place them far enough apart on the animals so that the magnetic strips don't touch.



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