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Ayrshire Farm Raw Organic Dog Food

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Ayrshire Farm Raw Organic Dog Food

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Ayrshire Farm Raw Dog Food

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Locally ProducedThe Furry Foodie® Raw Food for Dogs

The Furry Foodie® offers important nutritional advantages over common highly processed foods. The Furry Foodie® is more like wild-caught prey with a naturally enjoyable taste and texture. There is no need to artificially enhance the product with vitamins and minerals; they are still present in the food in their original, absorbable and digestible form.


A very convenient natural diet.

The Furry Foodie® is convenient for you to serve. Using only minimal processing techniques, our dinners are hand-blended and formed into countable "puck" shaped disks using no fillers. They are then flash-frozen and packaged in sealed bags to preserve their quality. They will actually remain wholesome and safe to serve indefinitely as long as the product remains frozen during storage. We recommend using within the first 6-months after purchase so your pet can enjoy the optimum flavor and texture.


Meat Sources

All the meat used in their formulas is from eastern regional US family farms. The turkey and chicken are certified organic and Certified Humane® and handled from their own Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, Virginia. The Furry Foodie uses only vegetables and eggs in their formulas, no fillers. With The Furry Foodie® formulas, you can be confident that you are serving your pet the most wholesome food available blended into nutritionally balanced, convenient formulas.


Transitioning at your pet’s own pace is the key to developing acceptability and digestibility for a novel new food. As you begin, try offering very small portions along with your pet’s usual meal. Once the new food has become familiar and/or appetizing enough to entice your pet to try it, increase the sample portion size while decreasing the amount of the old food  that is offered. This process could take days or even weeks especially with cats. Your pet may be expressing a survival instinct, which is at the root of an aversion to something unfamiliar so patience is the key.

Available in 1.5lb, 3lb and 10lb bags.
The Furry Foodie formulas are complete and appropriate for all healthy adult cats and dogs on maintenance diets. If your pet has special needs, your veterinarian can help you decide how you can incorporate raw food into their routine.


Frequent Buyer Program

The Furry Foodie offers a Frequent Buyer Program accepted at The Big Bad Woof. Buy 12 bags, and get 1 free!  Applies to all of The Furry Foodie (Ayrshire Farms) 1.5lb dinners for dogs & cats. All purchases must be the same size. Formulas can be mixed and matched.


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Country of Manufacture United States
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