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My pet has fleas - what is the least toxic treatment?

At the Woof we always opt for the least toxic remedies to flea & tick problems.

Why you ask?

Fleas & ticks have a nasty way of getting immune to chemicals and eventually becoming Super Flea.   The well known spot ons enter into your pets bloodstream so that  when a flea or tick bites the dog they ingest the poison and die.  Wonder what that does to your pet - or ever ponder the instructions that tell you not to get anything on your hands?  But you should put directly on your dog or cat?  And how about don’t pet your dog while the stuff is on the fur?  HMMM

There are a range of alternatives for dealing with Fleas & Ticks.  Granted they may take more work and may not be as convenient but they are safer on your pet, safer for the environement and fleas and ticks will not develop a resistance to them.

Kleen Green Naturally -  It is an organic blend of enzymes that works by dissolving the outer shell of insects.  It works on fleas, ticks, roaches, lice, scabies, bed bugs, mites.

It can be used diluted in a spray bottle, used as a shampoo.  Safe for use on animals, people, anywhere in the house.

One of the staff at the Woof has a dog with scabies which unfortunately transferred to one of the owners.  Both the owner and the dog have been treated with great success by using Kleen Green full strength and dabbing on the effected areas.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is another choice

DE Is made from groundup  Sea Diatoms - a siliceous rock.  Once ground it is like microscopic shards of glass.  When insects come into contact with DE the shards puncture the outer shell of  causing them to dehydrate and die.

Food Grade DE is safe to ingest and can be put on food to control internal parasites.  - Which incidentally pets with fleas probaby have because  flea bites deposit these  nasty critters into the bloodstream.

Precautions:  DE is very drying to the skin & if directly inhaled will cause discomfort.  Use latex gloves to lessen the drying effect and avoid directly inhaling the dust.  DE can also be applied outdoors to control fleas the yard.

How to use:

Directly on surfaces - floors, bedding.  Sprinkle and let stand for a few hours so that fleas can come in contact with.  Vacuum up and dispose of bag.  You can also put some in the vacuum cleaner to kill any eggs that might get picked up.

Directly on Pet - I suggest putting some of the DE in a “puffer” bottle so that it can be applied in a controlled manner on your pet.  Work the dust into the fur and repeat as needed taking care not to directly inhale the dust.

Flea/Tick Deterrents

Staff Favorite  - Shoo Tag

This is a small  plastic tag with a magnetic strip much like a credit card charge stripe.  It is attached to the pet’s collar and takes 24 hours to activate.  It uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a protective barrier between the pet and fleas & ticks. It basically makes your cat or dog invisible these pests.

My personal experience has been great  -  For years our routine when returning from a lovely outing at Rock Creek Park was to check and remove  ticks on our three dogs.  We put the Shoo Tags on our 3 dogs and never found a tick.

Bug Zone (formerly called Shoo Tag) does not kill fleas or ticks - so if there is an infestation you will need to address that first.

Putting Bug Zone on early in the year will go a long way towards stopping a problem.  Each tag lasts about 4 months.

Alzoo Collars & Spot-Ons for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

We used Alzoo's spot on with our cat who got terrible fly strikes on his ears every summer when laying in the yard. As soon as we used this product he was able to sun without having any insects biting. Highly recommend!