COVID-19 Updates

We are happy to announce NEW Phase 2 hours when we will welcome our customers back into the store. Please note the following schedule if you want to shop in-store: Sunday 12 - 6pm;  Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm. We understand many of you may not be ready to come in and we will continue to offer  curbside pickup and local delivery 7 days a week.  We are adhering to the DC Government and CDC guidelines for all customers and staff.

We also have many of the items in stock or available within a few days that you may be ordering via auto-ship from the on-line retailers and would be happy to have you support a small, indie business. 

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From New Parents to Aging in Place - a Community Resource

From New Parents to Aging in Place - a Community Resource

Well into our 13th year of serving our extended Community as a local, independent business here in the District, we have been thinking about many of our customers and the life stages that they go through with friends, families and neighbors. In fact, how we engage and care for our community at large is what builds the fabric of our society, both here at home and across America. As a small, local business we have watched our customers start new families with their companion animals, watched their children grow, and many of our customers are now moving into retirement, with the issues (even in good health) of starting to address aging in place. While we have multi-generations as customers, I think all of us go through periods where we may need help with our companions no matter the age, and so I thought we might discuss some resources that would be helpful from new parents to our seniors who are passionate about their pets and want to keep them healthy and happy through all of these life transitions.

Treating Obesity: The Silent Killer

Unlike humans, dogs and cats have a propensity to pack on pounds virtually overnight. Combine the wrong food with overfeeding PLUS a low exercise regimen and you'll have an overweight pet in no time flat. A lot of people get dogs as part of a commitment to their own health, pledging hours of the next decade (at least!) to walking their dog up to four times a day. While four times a day is certainly not the norm, two long walks a day should really help with jump starting weight loss.

Tips for Running with your Dog

From our friends at Kurgo: "You love to run and you love to spend time with your dog, but you don't always have time to fit in both. Great news - the two don't have to be mutually exclusive! Running with your dog is a great way to get in quality bonding time if done properly. In the video above, learn the proper dog running gear you'll need for yourself and your furry friend, as well as how to get started."

Who Rescued Whom?

This man adopted a rescue dog, who saved his life and helped him lose enough weight to run a marathon. Eric O’Grey weighed 300 pounds six years ago - he says him and his dog Peety rescued each other. Posted in The Telegraph, March 10, 2016 by Helena Horton

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