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How to Calm An Ear Infection

Cleaning Canine Ears diagram

When our pets develop ear infections, the amount of stress we can put ourselves under to soothe their pains can be overwhelming. Seeing them in pain in that way, can be an anxious and stressful experience.

Never fear! The Big Bad Woof has a few natural remedies that can help soothe your pet’s infection before it gets out of control. Of course, there is a certain point where a veterinarian’s care is the only option. The remedies we suggest below, should ideally only be applied to ear’s that are in the beginning stages of an infection.

If your pet’s ear is bleeding, emitting discharge, or consistently itches throughout the entire no matter what ointments you apply, it’s time to head to the vet ASAP, for an ear swab.

Your pet may be developing an ear infection if you notice the following symptoms:

  • discharges from the ear;
  • an unpleasant smell;
  • the interior of the ear turns red;
  • swelling and bumps;
  • the skin becomes crusty;
  • shedding around the ear;
  • dark, crumbly ear wax

The first way to avoid any trouble to begin with, is to clean your pet’s ears WEEKLY, especially if they are prone to infections, allergies, or in damp, humid areas. Big, floppy-eared dogs need a little extra attention, as they are also more susceptible to infections.

An ear infection develops by an excess amount of moisture in the ear. Dogs happen to have extremely deep ear canals, and the excess moisture can cause a buildup of either yeast or bacteria.

Cleaning a non-infected ear is your easiest mission, in this case. Gloves are encouraged, but not mandatory. For a regular cleaning, you can use a store bought ear cleaner. We have an excellent selection of ear cleaners and wipes in the store suitable for everyday cleaning.

First, you’ll want to inspect the ear. Look inside the ear, and use gentle ear cleaning wipes to wipe away any dirt or residue. Gently have your pet tilt their head to encourage the cleaning solution to flow into the ear canal. Squirt at least two good squirts of ear cleaner into the ear, holding the base of the ear between your finger and thumb. Begin to massage the ointment into the ear. If you hear a squishing sound, that means the medication is inside the canal.

Once done, take a cotton ball or pad and wipe up any excess fluid. Use a separate cotton ball for each ear. Make sure you get all the ear wax and fluid out of the outer ear, so your pet’s ear is clean and dry.

If your pet has an prescription, this is the time to administer it. Make sure to follow the directions your vet provides you with to a tee.

If you notice, your pet starting to develop an ear infection, here are some natural remedies to stop it in its tracks.

  1. Vinegar and lukewarm water: Soak a mixture of the two in a cotton ball and gently clean. This is a mild cleaner suitable for dogs with dry skin. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a great alternative
  2. Sweet almond, vitamin E or olive oil: Add a couple drops to control the amount of wax buildup
  3. Aloe vera gel: Excellent for irritated ears, soak in lukewarm water to soothe irritation and control wax

We also carry a number of natural, gentle solutions for ear care. Check out some of our online offerings.

Taking care of their ears now will help their overall health and comfort, and could go a long way to reducing hearing loss in the futur