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Pennye Jones-Napier and Julie Paez are the founders and owners of The Big Bad Woof, the pet store that supplies the essentials for the socially conscious pet and their pet owners. The store offers a variety of pet food choices that address and help prevent the increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes in dogs and cats. Both owners also provide their customers with a wealth of information on choosing and providing the best care for cats, dogs and small animals. We discuss the latest in pet dog food trends, kangaroo and alligator, and how to pick the right animal for your family and lifestyle. Where can you find healthy animals, not at puppy mills, in need of loving homes? Listen in for the answer to this and many more questions about pets.

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Dr Vicki Reese is a physician ,surgeon, mother and home chef committed to the health and wellness of her family and yours. She also is the chief grower and shaker for 5aDayCSA! - See more at:

Mr. Antoine Brooks, MBA is a talented information technology professional, father, Navy veteran and native Washingtonian focused on growing the networks, connections and opportunities for his family and yours. - See more at: