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Kidney Issues

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My cat has kidney issues, can I feed Weruva?

Atticus, Is Weruva a good food for cats prone to or experiencing kidney issues? "Our formulas were not designed for any specific purpose. They are designed to be complete and balanced for adult maintenance. Based upon what we put in the can, high quality meat with moisture, they are often helpful with certain conditions. There is literature out there as to what types of diets may be best for certain conditions. Our foods often meet the descriptions of such diets and therefore may be helpful. However, they are not designed to prevent, cure or treat any particular ailment. And of course, please consult your veterinarian."

In a Bind over Phosphorous

My cat is in the early stages of kidney disease. My vet said he wanted to reduce her phosphorus intake. Since I don’t like the prescription diets and my cat, who eats a raw meat diet, wouldn’t touch them anyway, what are my options to accomplish a reduced phosphorus diet? Written by Elisa Katz, DVM for Feline Nutrition

Diet for early onset kidney issues in a Saluki

Do you carry a pre-made kidney support diet? I have an early stage dog and have been researching raw/cooked homemade diets but thought you might have a better idea; thought maybe honest kitchen had a kidney formula? Thank you! Cassandra

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