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Fleas & Ticks

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Earth Animal Natural Flea & Tick Care

In anticipation of a very aggressive flea and tick season we want to remind everyone of the importance of stocking up on Earth Animal Internal Powders, Liquid Herbal Tincture, Bug Spray and their Herbal Flea and Tick Shampoo. *REMINDER -Be sure to double the dose of the Internal Powders to get the maximum protection needed for peak season.

My pet has fleas - what is the least toxic treatment?

At the Woof we always opt for the least toxic remedies to flea & tick problems. Why you ask? KleenGreen - Fleas & ticks have a nasty way of getting immune to chemicals and eventually becoming Super Flea. The well known spot ons enter into your pets bloodstream so that when a flea or tick bites the dog they ingest the poison and die. Wonder what that does to your pet - or ever ponder the instructions that tell you not to get anything on your hands? But you should put directly on your dog or cat? And how about don’t pet your dog while the stuff is on the fur? HMMM There are a range of alternatives for dealing with Fleas & Ticks. Granted they may take more work and may not be as convenient but they are safer on your pet, safer for the environement and fleas and ticks will not develop a resistance to them.

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