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Allergies to Sweet Potatoes in Raw Diet

I wonder if you can make any suggestions.  Zeb (our Great Dane) has been fighting chronic dermatitis on his feet for a couple of years now. Before that, he only had it during the rainy seasons.  I broke down and had an allergy test run last week, and low and behold, not only is he allergic to the cool season grasses that we grow in our yard (and predominantly around this area), but WRT food, he is allergic to sweet potatoes.  Well, wouldn't you know that sweet potatoes are in his K9 Kravings that we've been feeding for a couple of years now.  We have been discussing it and we think that his skin condition became chronic sometime around that same timeframe.I've looked their website and it looks like K9 K's puts sweet potato in all of their formulas.

Would you happen to be able to recommend a RAW food which does not contain:  sweet potatoes ( or lamb, rice or barley)?  He cannot eat kibble because it always makes his stools soft.
I did write to K9 Kravings. asking if they can do a special mix, but I'm not sure that that's a realistic request.  I fear that I may have to start feeding raw the INconvenient way, by mixing my own.  Do you have any suggestions? THANKS and I hope that business is doing great!
- Maura
After some research we have some options that will be good  options and similar to slightly more in pricing:
  1. Northwest Naturals Chicken & Salmon 6 lb chubs (6 per case / total 36 lb) OR 25 lb bulk box in 1# bars. Any of the Northwest Naturals formulas will work, none contain any potato or sweet potato, and the beef / bison  is slightly more but you could rotate the formulas.
  2. Dogs Gone Wild (local company in Baltimore, MD) also would be a good option. They sell their raw in cases of 2/5 lb chubs or 10/1 lb chubs and these would be comparable to what you are using from K9 Naturals in terms of price also. They have limited vegetable ingredients and are packaged in a USDA facility.
  3. Tuckers is another small raw company that would be slightly more expensive but does a dual protein raw with either Beef/Pork or Bison/Pork in 6 lb bags. We would do a case discount for 5 bags to equal 30 lbs total.
  4. Steves Real Food is one of my favorites and they do bulk boxes in 13.5 lb and 20 lb. We carry the 13.5 lb and I can check on getting the 20 lb boxes if you are interested. They run a very sustainable enterprise from non-GMO foods to their packaging. This is still going to be just slightly higher but in the same price range when you compare poundage.

We can also look at stretching the the amount you feed by mixing in a good dehydrated base mix by Sojos Original, Dr. Harvey's Canine Health, or The Honest Kitchen.

Thank you for being a great customer!


UPDATE: K9 Kraving will do a limited run of specific formulas for customers. They offered to make the beef formula sans sweet potatoes in a limited run of 7 - 10 30b cases. If you have a special need, contact us at our home office.