Studies have shown that pet ownership and beer drinking may contribute to a longer life. In that spirit, DC Brau will be hosting the Humane Rescue Alliance for a meet and greet of some of DC's most eligible kitties and canines.

Come on out & enjoy a brew (DC Brau will be donating $1 per pint to HRA) while shopping the newest pet gear and treats from The Big Bad Woof, and maybe even go home with your new best friend! Sunday, May 19th - 12 - 3pm

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Highlighted news & media from 2005 to present

Pets+ Magazine ~ Honorary Mention for America's Coolest Pet Stores 2018

A Washington, DC, store bucks the conventional and leads the way in sustainability.

It isn’t easy being green. Julie Paez and Pennye Jones-Napier heard this countless times while preparing to open their pet-supply store in Washington, DC. It was 2005, and the eco-friendly business model — to source responsibly and to operate sustainably — was not yet common in the industry.

‘You can’t run a store like that. You’ll never make any money,’” Paez recalls hearing at trade shows. “Being very stubborn people, we said, ‘Yes, we can.’”

They did and continue to do so, with The Big Bad Woof helping to set the standard for green pet businesses in this country.


Leading the Way

The Big Bad Woof’s commitment to quality pet nutrition, local businesses, and social and environmental issues sets it apart from the competition.

The big, bad wolf has appeared in cautionary tales throughout historic literature, from “Aesop’s Fables” to “Grimm’s Fairy Tales.” The intimidating predator huffed, puffed and menaced a range of characters, including diminutive pigs and a little girl clad in red. However, in Washington, D.C., and Maryland, a new member of the Canidae family has emerged, this one is a gentler, eco-friendly proponent of organics, nutrition and local sourcing.

Simply Unlimited Demand

At The Big Bad Woof, with locations in Washington, D.C., and Hyattsville, Md., education is an involved learning process that includes staff-meeting presentations covering issues such as digestion, digestive enzymes and probiotics, said Julie Paez, co-owner.

“LID foods are important, and talking about them is a great way for our sales staff to have a more in depth, meaningful and supportive conversation with the pet guardian,” Paez said. “Because they are talking more at length with the customer about the need to look at a diet as a solution, it opens the door to other suggestions that may be helpful.”

Feline Furniture Spotlights Sturdy Style

Both Cross and Pennye Jones-Napier, co-owner of The Big Bad Woof in Washington, D.C., said that talking to customers about what’s worked for them is the most effective way to educate cat owners.

“A lot of our staff have cats and recount experiences they’ve had with their cats to let people know what works and what doesn’t,” Jones-Napier said. “We also have several former shelter workers working in the store, so a lot of training and information gets transmitted in conversation.”

Big Bad Woof adds delivery service

At the Big Bad Woof pet store in Hyattsville, where dog bowls line the walls and the air is filled with smooth jazz and the smell of puppies, visitors can shop for organic pet food and environmentally friendly pet toys. And since September, customers have been able to have purchases delivered to their homes.

The delivery service idea, according to Jones-Napier, came from a close friend and customer who found herself purchasing some of her pet supplies from an online retailer. She said she knew she could provide the same service at a lower cost, with the benefit of being a local business.

Not for Profit

Making profits is what business is all about isn't it? Well perhaps not. In one US state they've just brought in a new law which protects companies who put social responsibility before making money. It allowsthem to become 'Benefit Corporations' which means that shareholders can't complain if the company takes decisions to, for example, protect the environment or buy locally, even if that hurts the bottom line. Now other US states are planning to follow suit as our reporter Jane O'Brien reports from Washington.

Chicken or Duck: Raw Food the Rage As Pet Food






Published on Feb 14, 2013

The all-natural, organic food movement among humans is spreading to what people feed their pets. Think raw chicken, beef, even duck or venison. But as the AP's Lee Powell found, there is little consensus raw food as pet food is best. (Feb. 14)

Holistic Options for Man’s Best Friend at the Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof is the first of a new breed of good business; they are the first Benefit Corporation in MD and the US, and the first Benefit Corporation and franchise company to certify as a B Corporation. This is big news for the sustainable business world as The Big Bad Woof represents a certified and legal dedication to the triple bottom line.  This inclusive bottom line of people, planet, and profit is the foundation of the new economy we seek.  Find out more about Benefit Corporations here.

From Barn to Bowl

What exactly is the raw foor diet and is it right for your pup? Tips and guidelines from teh local raw movement can help you decide.

Do Good Summit rides wave of triple bottom line business

The Do Good Summit

Since the 2012 event, companies like The Big Bad Woof have reached a critical mass in the D.C. business landscape and are poised to gain even more ground. From local, sustainable eateries such as Bread and Brew to community favorites such as Logan Hardware, D.C. is full of businesses that are doing well and good. This year's daylong summit will highlight the growth of this nationwide movement while helping local businesses take the triple-bottom-line trend to the next level.

It's not simply that these local businesses incorporate giving back to the community into their business model. Rather, it's that consumers in our increasingly global, virtual society want to support real local businesses that are invested in their communities. Businesses are tapping into this trend by using technology-based marketing and good old-fashioned community organizing to spread the word.

An Epic Tale: The Birth of a Benefit Corporation

We have to ask ourselves if we’re willing to reward those companies with our consumer dollars and with our investment and with our loyalty and our faith as a community instead of supporting corporations who want to take the money and run and go invest it in the islands or Switzerland or wherever they go. We want to be invested right here.

I’m proud that I am not only a senator for but a consumer of two – I think the two first – Benefit Corporations on Earth: Big Bad Woof – and Pennye [Jones-Napier] is here today [APPLAUSE] And then my dear friend Tebabu Assefa, from Blessed Coffee in Takoma Park, he’s here too.

US Representative Jamie Raskin, our Legendary Hero 

Green America 28 Aug 2017

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