It’s just a normal night in. You and your dog are cuddling together on the couch when all of a sudden, you smell a foul stench. Did something die? Did you forget to shower?


Your dog has gas. And tonight, it is unrelenting. It is offensive. It is burning your eyes, nose AND ears.

We can naturally combat and eliminate these everyday conditions our pets experience and if you’re cat or dog is lighting one up more than usual, we have a few solutions for you.

All mammals have harmless bacteria in their intestines to help them break down food. Sometimes, if there’s too little bacteria, then other types of bacteria will try to aid in the digestive process. When these types of bacteria contribute to digestion, the result is usually flatulence.  Gas can also occur if the meal is too large.

The first thing we have to do is balance the intestinal bacteria. We can do this easily with yogurt. Yogurt has the healthy bacteria pets need, called acidophilus. Grab a plain, organic, low or nonfat yogurt and add teaspoons or tablespoons to your pets’ food based on their weight. The more acidophilus, the less gas you’ll smell.

At The Woof we carry a great goat yogurt by Steves Real Food that contains Chia Seeds and Coconut Oil, and a wonderful group of Artisanal Yogurts with Superfoods by Nuggets that will help your favorite companions gut and be beneficial in other ways too.

Harrow Hills Farm

In addition to yogurt, you can add aloe vera juice, or chopped garlic to your pet’s food. The garlic will purify the intestinal tract and remove the mucus that builds up from poor diets. Use no more than 3 cloves and drop some parsley in later, to combat the garlic breath.

Lastly, shrink the amount of food you’re currently feeding, and split it up into intervals to feed throughout the day.

As always, choosing foods that are free of chemical preservatives and colors will keep gas at bay. Large commercial pet foods fall over themselves everyday trying to find the cheapest ingredients, so take the leap in investing in quality foods and spare your poor nostrils from any more assaults!