The Woof Pantry is a collaboration between The Big Bad Woof and select neighborhood businesses to drop off deliveries of pet food, litter and supplies. Delivery is free to your local “Woof Pantry” business for in-store pickup.


How does it work?

It’s easy, you simply place your order online and under the Coupon Code add the coupon code connected to your local drop-off spot for free delivery!

We also deliver raw diets, so you can rest assured that your order will be held in a cool spot just for you!

***NOTE: Only Grooming by Em has a freezer on site for frozen deliveries. All other local woof pantries do not have freezers, so if you have a frozen delivery going to their location it must be picked up the same day.

Woof Pantry Locations:

Please select the location you want during checkout at our on-line store for free delivery to one of the following Woof Pantries.

Currently we deliver on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.