I highly recommend the Big Bad Woof Delivery service. I have nine cats and two dogs, and I must be organized about the way I purchase food and supplies for my cat and dog family.

Prices of products are completely competitive, especially for products stocked by BBW. That said, BBW can also order and deliver any pet product on the market, except IAMS and Science Diet.

My experience with purchasing non-stocked items is that some will be significantly less expensive and others a bit more, but the bottom line is that I save money and, equally important to me, time. Also important is that this service makes it easy for me to support a local, socially conscious business.
BBW will alert you to items on sale or other specials such as discounts based on number of bags purchased, etc. The Woof’s club discount also applies. Delivery charges are zero to minimal, depending on the distance traveled for the delivery. My experience has been that BBW actively works to save you money. You will also receive great swag — free trial sizes of food and treats that animals really like. For example, I received in my most recent order three packages of Pure Vita salmon fillets for cats and one of Pure Vita salmon fillets for dogs. My animals love this stuff, and it’s fun to see what arrives in the boxes.

You place your order online. Within a day or two, BBW contacts you by email when the order is ready to ship, or they may phone if they have a question or issues regarding items out of stock at the manufacturer. You receive a payment request from InspirePay with an attached copy of the cash register tape for your order. InspirePay accepts all major credit cards, Dwolla and PayPal. The delivery will arrive that day, and the order is placed wherever you have asked them to put it.

Words cannot describe how wonderful it is to get home and find everything, beautifully packaged in recycled material, on my doorstep. I am all set for the coming month, and Amazon has not been involved!


Carolyn ~ 02 Jan 2015