KizaZiplogoWe are passionate about our community and feel that giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to access capital in a meaningful way will in turn help them contribute back to their community and grow their business. This means job creation and growth, good will, and care for people and the planet.

As a trusted partner of Kiva Zip, The Big Bad Woof can “endorse” entrepreneurs for microloans of up to $10,000, paid back over a 2-year period. These loans are crowdfunded on the Kiva Zip website, enabling borrowers to benefit from connections to a new network of customers, brand ambassadors, business advisers and supporters. Maybe you could benefit from a 0% interest Kiva Zip loan.

Character Based Lending

Kiva Zip uses an entrepreneur’s network as a measure of creditworthiness. Borrowers invite family and friends to start their fundraising. After reaching a designated threshold, the Kiva Zip community takes care of the rest. It’s a simple, transparent way to help small businesses.

To learn more please review the Borrower One Page flyer. There are a number of criteria, as assessed by trustees, that borrowers must meet in order to qualify for a Kiva Zip loan.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a KIVA ZIP Loan.

Not only are we Trustees, but we started as a Borrower and have paid back one Kiva Zip loan, and have a second loan we are re-paying now. We have also successfully helped three entrepreneurs successfully get 0% loans to help them reach new heights.


Clear Conscience Pet ~ South Carolina

Endorsed & Fully Funded in 2015

A loan of $5,000 helps us to continue our mission of bringing Clear Conscience Pet nutrition to more animals, thus bringing them greater health and JOY.

Heritage Hollow Farms ~ Virginia

Endorsed & Fully Funded 2014

A loan of $10,000 helps me to increase our lamb flock, stock up on extra winter hay, and buy bulk pig feeders.

Maryland Pet Acupuncture

Endorsed & Fully Funded 2013!

A loan of $5,000 helps me to expand my pet acupuncture business with the purchase of a small trailer to serve as a mobile treatment room.

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